Enabling Components From Another Window

I have a text field named txtSanitizerConc on Main Window 1 and I can enable from another window using the following :

system.gui.getWindow(‘Main Windows/Main Window 1’).rootContainer.getComponent(‘txtSanitizerConc’).componentEnabled = True

I have two radio buttons (rdoDrainsCleanYes and rdoDrainsCleanNo) on that same Main Window 1 that are both inside a container named ctrDrainsClean

The following code returns “Attribute Error: 'NoneType” object has no attribute componentEnabled

system.gui.getWindow(‘Main Windows/Main Window 1’).rootContainer.getComponent(‘ctrDrainsClean.rdoDrainsCleanYes’).componentEnabled = True

I realize that I am not specifying the path the the radio button correctly, but I’m fairly new to Ignition

I think I figured it out - this seems to work OK

system.gui.getWindow(‘Main Windows/Main Window 1’).rootContainer.getComponent(‘ctrDrainsClean’).getComponent(‘rdoDrainsCleanYes’).componentEnabled = True