Enabling Historian for subset of tags

Here’s the deal, I have a list of, say, 300 tags out of 1000 that need to be historized. Is there an easy way for me to use the list of tags that need history to enable historization on just those tags, or do I need to go into the tag editor for each tag and setup history?

I have exported all tags to both JSON and XML, but the history settings are not exported for every tag. I can edit the export then import if need be, but wanted to see if there was an easier way.

Thanks in advance for the help.

I can’t think of an easier way than making a script to modify the exported json then import it back.
Shouldn’t be too hard either, at least if you don’t have different history settings for each and every tag…

Have you tried selecting all of the tags in the designer and then editing in bulk?

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