Enabling New Groups or Folders in a Running Config


I have a questions about enabling new groups or folders to a running config or if edit groups or folders will the running configuration will be affected when I submit the changes. Ex I have Folder with multiple groups each folder represent an equipment editing or adding a folder to the running conifguration will it affect any other of the running folders or groups.

I am new to FactorySQL hopefully I use the terminology.

Julio D

Hi Julio,

If I understand your question correctly, the answer is NO, they will not affect your running groups.

When groups are up and running, you can do whatever else you like to other groups… add them, modify them, start/stop them, it doesn’t matter. Groups can’t interact with other groups. Also, it doesn’t matter which folders their in. Just be careful not to click “stop” when you have a folder selected unless you want to stop everything under it!

Hope this answers your question,

Yes that was my question, Thanks Colby you are always a great help.

Julio D.