Encoding Issue with PostgreSQL


We can't connect Ignition gateway to PostgreSQL. Getting the following error:
Cannot create PoolableConnectionFactory (FATAL: kein pg_hba.conf-Eintrag für Host »«, Benutzer »backup«, Datenbank »postgres«, SSL aus (pgjdbc: autodetected server-encoding to be ISO-8859-1, if the message is not readable, please check database logs and/or host, port, dbname, user, password, pg_hba.conf))

Has anybody seen this before? We tried everything we could think of with no avail.
(This is in our German factory)

Thanks in advance!

That's not really an encoding issue. The mention of encoding is simply the connection library trying to match the locale for displaying the real error. The real error is that the connection failed. The library is pointing at the various typical causes of connection failure (user/password or allowed connection rules from pg_hba.conf).