Endpoint Address in OPC-UA settings in cas of redundant GW

I have 2 gateway with redundancy, what is the value of the Endpoint Address in OPC-UA settings ? Can I set a different IP address for each gateway ???
alias in host file don’t work !

You can use localhost for now. It should work fine. I spoke with the developer about this briefly not to long ago and it was said that we probably need to find a better solution to this. I have had other customers in the past use localhost without issue. In redundancy the endpoint address is synced from the master to the backup. If this happens then you will most likely end up with a faulted OPC UA server on the backup because the endpoint is incorrect.

with localhost or, it works but there is a log error:

I spoke with the developer and the error message is unrelated. The warning is obviously related to using localhost. However, the server should still work.

Could you please open a ticket in order to remove this error log if there is no error or to change this setting in case of redundant gateway.
It is very disturbing when analysing log for redundancy issue