Engineering Limit Enforcement lost on export/import UDT

When making significant changes to a UDT I find it easier to export a UDT and make the changes in a text editor and import the new or changed UDT. It works pretty well except for 1 minor hitch. Engineering limits are retained for the tags but the enforcement is not.

For example if there is a tag for a tank level with high and low engineering limits entered and “Both” selected for enforcement, upon importing the UDT both the High and Low values will still be there but the enforcement will be set to “None”.

I believe this issue was fixed. I am showing Ignition 7.6.6 should contain a fix for this.


remember the export of UDTs is broken in V7.6.6.

I found the only way to export UDT in V7.6.6 was to export all the SQLtags into CSV and extract the UDT to be manipulated

Any word on when we will be able to export UDT/Data types only?