Engineering uniti in email notification

Good morning.
In a pipe line in an email notification block, is possible also send the engineering unit of the tag immediately after an {eventValue}?


Hi @Francesco_Aria,

You can add any of a tags properties to an email notification message by setting a custom message on the alarm, using an expression binding, and setting the binding to something like: "This is my message. The engineering units are: " + {[.]Tag Name.EngUnit}

In that example, I brought in the tag that I wanted using the tag icon. Then I added ".EngUnit" inside the ending brace.

You can also access any of an alarms associated data using {}. So, you can create an associated data value called EngUnits, bind that to the tags engineering units, and then access it in your notification block message using {EngUnits}.

This page has more information about alarm associated data: Alarm Associated Data - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation