Enhancements to bar chart tool

Hi all: A lot of functionality of the standard chart tool has been stripped from the bar chart, as far as I can tell. Because the bar chart is often categorical, the x-axis labels can sometimes be big. I haven’t found a way to vertically orient them, so that would be nice. On a ‘regular’ chart it is done by modifying the x-axis properties, I think, but those options don’t exist with a bar chart. Thx. David

I’m thinking that the Property Editor grouping that came with the Docking Layout in the Designer as of version 2.1 might be causing confusion. I’m not aware of any loss of functionality in the Bar Chart from earlier versions. The bar chart is simpler in that Axis properties are dealt with directly in the Property Editor. This isn’t possible in the other charts because they have different sets of settings for each definable Axis - hence the need for the customizer.

The property you are looking for is called “Category Axis Label Angle” or catAxisLabelPosition in script. You can select: Standard, Down 45, Up 45, Down 90, or Up 90. The entire chart can also be turned on it’s side with the Vertical property.

Hmmmm. I don’t see it in the property window. I have Value Axis Label, and Category Axis Label, but nothing for angles…

Oh, maybe the property was more recently exposed. What version are you running? (I’m on 3.1.4)

Edit - just looked in the Change Log for 3.1.4
o New: New axis configuration properties for the Bar Chart

Is this a plant?

Haha…no, David has been working with the bar chart a lot the last few days. We added the ability to rotate the label angles in 3.1.4 from someone elses request.

As an aside - In 3.1.5 the standard (aka ‘classic’) chart will support category plot mode. This means that all of the bar chart’s functionality will be available in the classic chart, with the added bonus of being able to overlay other renderers (line, shape, etc) on top of the bars so that Pareto charts will be possible.

Cool. Any prospects on making the bars/pie slices clickable? David

Yeah, stay tuned.

Ok, its confirmed. The classic chart’s bars/datapoints and the Pie Chart’s wedges are now selectable in FactoryPMI 3.1.5.

You guys rock! :exclamation: :unamused: