Enlarge dataset table upon selection

I am creating a tool that has multiple tables on in the view this project will be used on a tablet is there any way I can make the table larger user is looking for data in that table? In the photo I would like for it to enlarge when a user is interacting with the table that they are interfacing with to show all line of data?

You could try using system.gui.transform on the focusGained and focusLost events of each table to grow/shrink them.

@Javontez_Robinson, please specify whether this is a Perspective or Vision issue. While your screenshot looks like it's probably Perspective, your post is, unfortunately, ambiguous. (It's also why the post's tags autofilled both Persective and Vision) :wink:

EDIT: adjusted post tags for clarificaton.


@ryan.white can you share a few more details? On how this works?

Unfortunately the method I mentioned only works in a vision context.

Are you trying to just make the table taller? or wider as well?

For perspective, you would have to adjust the basis property of the table and its container to allow it resize to be larger. You also need a specific setup of containers to allow both tables to resize on demand.

Simplest setup would be:
Flex Row Root Container with 2 column flex containers inside, with one of your tables in each column container.

In the onFocus event for each table, have it set it's own basis to 'auto'/set grow to '1' and set its parent container basis to the width you want for a selected table..

In the onBlur event, set the table basis back to the height you want for an unselected table/set grow to '0' and set the parent container basis to the width you want for an unselected table

If you have this in a view with other containers and information displayed then you will have to take their sizes into account, you may run into the case where your focused table size is too large. and won't resize to as large as you set because it's trying to fit the other items on screen as well. You may also run into the problem of your tables have too many rows to be able to fit all on screen at once.