Enlarge image on click

I have a page with about a dozen images displayed. I want to be able to click it, and enlarge it so the user can see detail… On the page they are scaled down, so I don’t need to reference a different image, just enlarge the one they are on… Pop up would be great, but I cannot figure out how to pass the name of the file to the pop up.

Create your popup window (called “popup”, for example).
Add a custom property on the Root Container (called “imageName” for example).

In the code, use system.nav.openWindow and pass it the name of the file you want to open:

system.nav.openWindow("popup", {"imageName": "Builtin/Tank/Tank 17.png"})

If your images are exactly the same width and height you’ll probably have some problems with aspect ratio.

You can see it in action on our youtube chanel.