Enocean USB 300

I have an Enocean USB 300 wireless gateway device and I want to collect the data and visualize using Ignition.

Bee trying to use the serial module without any luck so far. Problem for me is parsing the packet data so that I can extract values etc. from it.

Anyone have ideas on how I should approach this?

Have you written any code yet? What have you tried?

It looks like their ESP3 protocol is documented (enocean.com/esp), so at least you’ve got that going in you’re favor. Unfortunately it looks a bit complex, so hacking something together with the serial module in jython may prove quite difficult…

I have tried to use the serial module to read in data

system.serial.readAsBytes ()

but I dont really know how to split the data ionce it has been read in this way. I have also come across some publically available python code

(pypi.python.org/packages/source … 534e28d789)

bryanedelman.com/wp-content/uplo … _basic.zip

But as I do not have experience with Python code development I am not sure if any or all of this can be used in Ignition.

I am just looking for a proof of concept at this stage, where I know the sensors that are connected and where to locate the data values in the packets.