Enron/Daniel mode modbus RTU

Using Ignition 7.9.12 with the server serial module.

I am trying to read from one register of a power meter as a test.

I can successfully read values using ModPoll. The key tickbox that affects a true reading is Enron/Daniel Mode.

Trying to use Ignition to read the same value, I get constant timeout.

Is there a way I can get Ignition to talk to it by changing the device settings? Using ModPoll I get Tx and Rx lights on the USB-RS485 converter, with Ignition I only get Tx.

The long goal is to buy a RTU->TCP converter, does any one know of any that support this Enron/Daniel addressing mode?

The driver doesn’t do Enron/Daniels “Modbus”.

What address were you using though? The Ignition equivalent would be [Device]1.HRF7501 by the looks of it. You’d use 7500 if you had 0-based addressing enabled.

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I was using 7500 with 1 based addressing disabled, I was however trying to create the tag using the “addresses” function in the gateway.

Tried both ways (one based and zero based) creating the tag direct in the designer and both work, thanks!

Thread revival… different meter, different issue…

I have this new meter reading frequency by setting ModPoll as attached

A quick forum search suggests that the below code might get Ignition seeing the same value?

def int32BE_to_float32LE(i): 
	from java.lang import Float, Integer
	return Float.intBitsToFloat(Integer.reverseBytes(i))

However, I have another register I’m interested in and it is, as per the OEM manual, a uInt datatype… So I don’t think the code above would help with that… no matter what I do in ModPoll I can’t get the value, I’m expecting a ‘3’ and getting nowhere close

Divine guidance anyone?