Enter keyCode not showing up when editing table

I have this code on the event keyPressed of a table:

print "keyCode="+str(event.keyCode)
if(event.keyCode == 10):
   print "selectedColumn"+str(event.source.selectedColumn)
   if(event.source.selectedColumn == 4):
      event.source.selectedColumn = 3
   elif(event.source.selectedColumn == 3):
      def setLater(row = event.source.selectedRow, event=event):
         event.source.selectedColumn = 4
         # to counteract the default enter keypress behavior
         event.source.selectedRow = row

it use to work and now it does not. the keyCode 10 never prints out. the only keyCode that prints out is the keys used to input the data. any ideas?

When trying to edit a value in the table it now throws an error when i double click the cell to edit or if i try to type over the cell to edit.