Enterprise Administration Module and Scale out Architecture

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We're evaluating using the "Enterprise Administration Module" in a scale-out architecture (1 front end and 2 back end). How many modules do we need? The especification says 1 per gateway, but i don't know if the back end it's part of this consideration.

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It's 1 per gateway, regardless of the gateway's function in the overall system.

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You need one gateway to act as the "Controller".
All other gateways will be "Agents".
We actually have three regional Controllers (Asia, Europe, Americas).
In our environment, we found it best to configure the Gateway Network connections from all of the Agents as Outbound to the Controller and have the Controller approve all Incoming requests rather than the other way around.
For your research, take a look at EAM Ideas to see what features other EAM users want to be added.

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