Environmental Computer for SQL Bridge

I am looking to see if anyone has any advice or recommendations for a computer to run the SQL Bridge module on. Considering that it is used as a Data Acquistion server for PLCs in industrial areas, I assume someone has found the best hardware to run this on.
My requirements are simple: temp from 40-110F, mild dust, rackmount, needs to run windows 7 (obviously).


Just want to point out that if you can stick to the drivers in Ignition (in other words, no third party OPC server), you can run just fine on Linux, Mac and HP-Unix as well.

Anyhow, that said, we don't have a specific box we recommend (yet...) but considering that this is, indeed, a common setup, hopefully others will chime in with their suggestions soon.


Let me be the first :slight_smile:

One of these with the soon (Feb 2012) to be be released APE card fits the bill. I have tested it with a preproduction model and it works just fine. We haven’t published the specs for it yet. Ping me if you want more info.