Epicor and Ignition

Hey everyone,

The company I work for is planning on purchasing Epicor soon and to get ready for the integration process of it I have been trying to research how the program works. Has anyone tried using Ignition side by side with Epicor?

My company uses Epicor. If you install the SQL version (don’t do the Progress version!!), theoretically you should be able to access the database via Ignition. I wouldn’t write to the Epicor SQL database directly from Ignition though.

I guess… what level of integration are you hoping for?

By the way, good luck with your Epicor implementation. It took us two years.

We have been using Epicor already, but through their services of it. lease to own I think it is. Its not on me to integrate the use of it with the company, but to make it so people can write to it and view it. can I ask why you wouldn’t write to that database?

You never want to write to the Epicor SQL database via any method other than the Epicor application. You could do major damage to the integrity of your data. I’ve gone to many Epicor end-user groups and Epicor Insights, and everyone strongly recommends never, ever writing to the DB directly. Reading from it? No problem.

If your requirements are more extensive than simply reading from the Epicor DB, then I would recommend contacting a third party developer like Cre8tive Tech. They might be able to figure out a solution. Keep in mind that even small customizations built for Epicor are expensive. We had one created that does something relatively simple and it was in the neighborhood of $10,000.

Thanks for the input Sonic. That will really help us as we go into our process.