Equipment schedule component issues


I am having an issue with the Perspective version of the equipment schedule component. I have a named query bound to the items property and another for the scheduled events. The Items property works correctly and list out my equipment on the left panel, however the scheduled events seem to fail. The query populates a dataset next to the scheduled events, but nothing is visible on the schedule display. My scheduled events in the returned dataset are within the date range visible.

I tested the same queries on a vision equipment schedule component, and everything worked properly. Is there a unique way that columns are matched in perspective as opposed to vision?

any help is appreciated, thank you

Hey @user73,
Can you provide some additional information if possible? For example, the query you are using, and what the property tree looks like from the resulting binding. Any screenshots or snippets would be helpful. Thanks.

Item property query
Machine_ID as 'ID',
Machine_Code as 'label'
from Machine_view
order by Machine_Code
scheduled events query
MACHINE_ID as 'ItemID' ,
prod_start_time as 'StartDate',
prod_end_time as 'EndDate',
job_headers_num as 'Label'
from prodschedule_full
where prod_end_time > :startDate
and prod_start_time < :endDate

returned dataset for scheduled events.

Looks like you are missing event ids for the scheduled events. I would also make sure your columns match the casing of the itemId instead of ItemID.

I tested a dozen variation with the casing, including matching exact. I really do not think casing matters. I did try adding an eventID, but it is an optional column and shouldnt be needed. My table doesnt have a key value so eventID wasnt as applicable for me. I tried using the job_headers_num as the eventID when I tested it, but not I only have it listed as the label.

Looks like the docs are wrong regarding the eventId casing. eventId is required if you want the event to show. Check if this works - make sure your column casing matches and change the label column to eventId.

Screenshot 2022-10-20 091908
here is the returned dataset at the scheduled event property. Still nothing visible though.

Try eventId instead of eventID

still nothing
Screenshot 2022-10-20 092635

One last thing to try, can you give the items dataset the same treatment? If that doesn't work let me go ahead and investigate further.

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holy cow... yep that worked. I had the item property column as 'ID' and changed to 'id'. now everything works!!! thank you very much. Really strange that this did prevent my items from displaying just my events.

Glad to hear. IIRC, I believe items will show as long as an entry exists within the dataset/property array, but when it comes to rendering scheduled events, items need to have their properties properly cased in order to match events to items.

it is confusing when the same tool from vision to perspective requires different case orders.Vision version was 'ID' and perspective is 'id.