Equipment Schedule dataset binding

I’d like to bind the Scheduled Events dataset to a MySQL table.

Which datatype do I set for the color columns (Foreground, Background, LeadColor) in my table?
Which datatype do I set for the ItemId, which is shown as “Object” in the dataset? INT would do?

Thanks in advance.

I found out that VARCHAR is working out properly but I then need to specify the color either by its name or its HEX. Is there a way I can use RGB?

You should be able to use:


as the string representation of a color.

It works thanks!
Is there a section in the manual concerning data type casting between mysql and ignition?

Unfortunately there is not. The only real issues are the odd types like color, border, etc. Everything else should come across just fine, and if it doesn’t, then take a look at the expression functions’ string to X conversions.