Equipment Schedule: Removing days and hours

Hi guys,

I’ve been thinking of using the equipment schedule component for a different purpose. The way our company monitors project progression is very similar to the way the this component works so I’d like to use it this way. I’ve already made some tests and it works pretty well for what I’m intending, BUT I have one small problem:


Since projects have a longer duration(months) even if I choose a longer time range the visualisation of the component isn’t so nice. I’ve combed through the properties of the components but it seems it doesn’t support the selection of what to show and what not show in the headers. Is there a way to bypass this somehow? I’d like to remove the days and hours and only leave the month range, or even better, change the days to week numbers. Is this possible?

I’ve modified/added stuff to other chart components in Ignition before using the JFreeChart library. Is it possible to do something similar in this component?

I could theoretically use the gantt chart for this, but then I wouldn’t have use of the scheduled, “downtime” and break events. Granted I wouldn’t be using them this way, they could be used differently.

Right now there is no way to customize the equipment schedule component in the way you would like. I spoke with the developer and he stated this component will be receiving an overhaul in the future. I will create a feature request to see if this functionality can be added to the component.

I’ve changed the equipment schedule view’s header to react much more gracefully to longer time ranges. It automatically changes from weekdays/hours to months/days and then months/weeks as you have longer time ranges.

This will be in 7.7.1

Cool! Thanks Greg, Carl. I’m not sure I’ll be able to convince management to get V7, but I can use the coming features as a motivator :slight_smile:

I have a customer who wants to look at a range of approx 4 years on the equipment schedule, is it possible to display only the first letter of the month in the header? Currently all the headers disappear, which the exception of the top date range.

Funny that you requested to view 4 years of time four years after the previous post!

I’m not sure when we’ll get to it, but I can add a ticket to improve this header. We’re actually designing Perspective’s version of the equipment schedule component right now - I’ll make sure long time ranges are considered.

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Oh yah, you’re right! What a coincidence.

Thank you for considering this request and putting in a ticket!