Equipment Schedule: Row Index? Header Selection?

Two questions here, one somewhat related to the other…

  1. Is there any chance of a hidden property on the Equipment Schedule component that would give me the Row ID (e.g. ‘item ID’) for the row that was clicked?

  2. An offshoot of #1 would be to know the user clicked specifically within in the item header region for a given row.

Item #2 is actually the big one I am after. I have a loop that checks each click to see if it falls in a pre-calculated area to determine this. However if the component is scaled, it blows all the calculations out without use of a ton of custom properties to hold original positions to then scale post-resize, etc. If I just got an event for a ‘headerClick’ with a ‘rowID’ property then that’d be dandy.


Any update about this request ? The rowID could be very handy to manipulate this component.