Equipment Schedule Warnings

I’m using the (Vision) equipment schedule component with SQL query binding for the Items, Scheduled Events, and DownTime events.
If I open the output console I am getting flooded with these warnings:

17:05:45.848 [AWT-EventQueue-0] WARN Vision.EquipmentScheduleView - Couldn't find item: 2009

2009 is the name of a piece of equipment; the ID collumn in the ‘Items’ Data. I have confirmed that my data is fine, there are not any rouge entries that do not correlate to an actual item. A symptom of this issue appears to be that if I have this window open too long, I get poor performance and the client eventually locks up. Until this happens, everything seems to be function properly; all of the downtime events are being painted properly, including for the ‘2009’ machine.

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This is caused by the default Downtime or Break events added to the component with an ItemID you are not using, simply delete the events you are not using form the static data