Equipment Schedule week zoom function

Hello fellow ignitioners,

Little question,
is it somehow possible to select 1 week as zoom for the new Equipment schedule element in perspective.
I could not find it in the documentation.

Hi @jeroen_smits,

Currently, there is no way to select 1 week as a zoom level in the Equipment Schedule. But to make sure, did you want to show weeks as the base unit in the Equipment Schedule?

hello @ayu

yes correct i want to make a yearly planning for maintenance with the equipment schedular.
we plan our maintenance in weeks so i was woundering if i could set the time per block unit on weeks.

if i choose days now i get 365 block units which is quite much. if I select months i only get 12 blocks and i loose too much details.

Hi @jeroen_smits, Found any workaround ?
@ayu, Can we expect this is new version releases ?

Also, the rowHeight property in equipment schedule seems to affect the Row Width as well (grid size).
Can we unlink this in some way or
Is there a separate property available to control grid width in equipment schedule?

Hi @vasanth.p,

There’s currently a ticket opened for the request but work hasn’t started on it as of yet. I’ll make note of your request on the ticket.

Currently there is no way to unlink the the row height from the grid’s width. I’ll file a ticket for this request.

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Thank you @ayu .