Equipment Schedule

Is there any way to change the date resolution when spanning it out a month or so? Looks like its possible on the OEE version. Also a .selectedItemID and .selectedDate property.

You can select a date range for the Equipment Scheduler by using the calendar components. You could also use the Date Range component and bind the Start Date and End Date properties of the scheduler to the Start and End Dates of the Date Range component. Also, you could use 2 Popup Calendars, and bind the scheduler to Date property of those two components, picking one to be the start and the other to be the end date.

Moving this into a bit more uncharted territory…

Would it be possible to modify the Equipment Schedule component to not show the days and hours? and ONLY the months? Making it span months is not difficult and binding as you suggest Greg, works fine. But it doesn’t really look very good when the component spans more than a couple of weeks.

I’ve modified/added stuff to other chart components in Ignition using the JFreeChart library. Is it possible to do something similar in this component to only leave the month display on the top part and remove days and hours for example?

Closing this thread since the question was asked in its own.