Equipment scheduler

i am very new to ignition ,i have done one project for development as of now ,and i never used equipment scheduler component ,but we have another project where i am facing an issue in equipment scheduler where the data is disappearing after every 1 minute , am not getting where to search or why this is happening , the data on scheduler is not appearing properly like it will appear for 1-2 minutes and disappear after once the page gets refreshed but the the functionality seems to be working fine and the batteries are appearing in the completed orders table, thank you

Are you querying scheduleEvents from the database or are you just inserting them into the tables scheduleEvents list? In that case, they will disappear when you refresh. I've been working with the Equipment Schedule component so I can probably work through this with you..

yes am querying schedule Events, problem is current status of the battery is not showing, batteries are visible on the line.the current status is displaying for 1 mnt then it will disappear.

It's not immediately obvious what you mean by "batteries" (I'm assuming this is something specific to your process). If you monitor the equipment schedule component in the Designer, do the scheduleEvents get cleared after a minute or do they just disappear off of the Equipment Schedule component?

My gut feeling is, if you're querying for scheduleEvents, they're only disappearing from view - in other words, they're still in the scheduleEvents list on the component, they just aren't being displayed on the component as events. The first thing to try here is to make sure there are items on the Schedule Component (correspond to the "rows" of your schedule) and that when you query for scheduleEvents, you must have an itemId in your scheduleEvents object (otherwise, how would the component know which row in the schedule to put your event?!).


The more screenshots and data you provide, the better help we could potentially be!

do the scheduleEvents get cleared after a minute or do they just disappear off of the Equipment Schedule component?- yes i can say like this , its just disappearing .
i will come back with some screenshots.

please observe label column which is not getting updated properly