EquipmentSchedule downtimeEvents over scheduledEvents

I want to see the downtimeEvents under the scheduledEvents, not over them. Is it possible? I guess I'm missing something...

I wanted the same thing, so instead of binding my downtime events to the downtime events property on the component, I added them into the schedule events under a separate item number. This will put them in a different row.

In my case that won't work. My colored downtimeEvents represent priorities for the selected event in the different items.

Edit: I just found the underlay option... Setting it to true does the work.


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Also, off topic, but how did you manage to place the Last 4 hours dropdown inside the equipmentSchedule?

It's just a drop down in a coordinate container on top of the schedule. It controls the date range props on the schedule.

Oh, I didn't know that was possible. How can I do it? I tried setting z-index to 99.

I just wrapped the schedule in a coordinate container, deep selected it then dragged the dropdown inside. I guess the easiest way to move it if it's behind the schedule, is to select it, then click the bring to front button on the ribbon in the designer.