Equivalent of Named Procedure, called from UDT Tags?

Is there a way to create Named Procedures that can be called from event scripts in UDT tags?

Do you mean Named Queries or Stored Procedures, or are you just talking about defining a function in a script library and being able to call it?

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I have an OPC TAG / UDT Tag and I need to have its Value Changed script access a database. It doesn’t matter to me if it calls directly into a stored procedure on the database or a Named Query in Ignition?

So what’s the issue you are having? Have you tried calling system.db.runNamedQuery or one of the other DB functions from a value change script?

You may need to set the gateway scripting project and make sure that your named queries are defined in that project if that’s the route you choose.

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Yes. I tried calling an existing Named Query from a UDT event script yesterday. I thought it wasn’t working, and I thought it was an issue of scope, where the UDT event code could not see the named query in a project. Perhaps I was mistaken ha.

Looking at system.db.runNamedQuery( "ProjectName" , "folderName/myNamedQuery". . .
I see the first param is the name of the project. Is it your understanding that the UDT event code should be able to use / call runNamedQuery like this?

This is what I was looking for. Thanks!