Equivalent of system.tag.writeAll in Perpsective

Our project had been made in Vision, but now we are transforming it into Perpsective.
In Vision, there was the command system.tag.writeAll. What is the equivalent of this one in Perspective? Would it be system.tag.writeBlocking?

Yes, and for Vision too. But note that writeAll() is deprecated, not removed. It still works. You can convert the calls at your convenience. You do not have to convert these immediately.

Thank you for your reply.
I understood that the following functions still exist and work, although they had been deprecated: system.tag.read, system.tag.write, system.tag.readAll, system.tag.writeAll.

Now the functions to be used in their places are system.tag.writeBlocking and system.tag.readBlocking. Is that correct?

You also have the async versions.

In general, I use the system.tag.writeAsync and system.tag.readBlocking.

writeAsync as that is the final result of whatever I was doing, and the script doesn't have to wait for the completion of the write.

readBlocking as I need to value of what I just read to continue the script.

There are a few exceptions, of course

Thank you for your answers. They really helped me.