Equivalent of "this" Java keyword for components?

Is there an equivalent of the “this” keyword for component properties within the ignition designer? For example, I added Mouseover Text to a bunch of components which was bound to an existing dynamic property on the components:

"<html>" + {Root Container.Pipe Segment 18.TagNameA} + "<br/>" + {Root Container.Pipe Segment 18.TagNameB} + "</html>"

For each component I added this to, I had to manually modify the “Pipe Segment 18” portion to correspond to the component that I currently had selected. This makes things a bit more error prone if I happen to typo, plus it makes things a bit more tedious.

Is there a way to do something like below?

"<html>" + {this.TagNameA} + "<br/>" + {this.TagNameB} + "</html>"

This would be pretty helpful, especially if it was able to be used if multiple components were selected for retroactively adding stuff to existing components.

There is a feature request in our system for such functionality, but exactly how/when it will be implemented is up in the air. I will make a note of your request.