Errant project import behavior in 8.0.4

I’ve had two occasions when project import did not work correctly.

Both cases were exporting from 8.0.4 into 8.0.4.

In the first case, vision templates and graphics were missing from the imported project.

In the second case, gateway scripts were missing.

In both cases, the export was done from the gateway config projects page. No errors were reported on export or import.

If this happens again hang on to the export so you can send us a copy of it and make a note of what’s missing. I suspect this is caused by something we’re working on a fix for in 8.0.6 but I just want to make sure the export isn’t actually missing those resources.

When the first fail happened, I made a new export and noticed that the size was identical to the earlier export. I still have them both if you want them.