Error: Activation failed. [code=15, message="Edition Mismatch"]

I need to switch license from an existing device (linux-arm) running Edge to a new one (linux-amd64). I’ve deactivated it on the old one but when trying to use the code on the new installation I get the error above.

This license includes external modules but they should all be installed.

I installed Gateway via ZIP file, by extracting all files and running install.


Edition mismatch sounds like a versioning issue. What version Ignition was the existing device and what is installed on the new one?

They’re both 7.9.12, both linux

Both edge? Only asking since I don’t think there are many external modules for edge.

Well, they should. For Arm there’s only the Edge package, while for amd64 there’s a generic package. As said I installed using ZIP, I fear it’s using something other than just the Edge

Call into support and have them look up your license. It’s possible it was upgraded to version 8 at some point.

By using the zip file I erroneously installed full instead of edge only. That’s why it’s throwing this error.