[ERROR] Alarm Tags Error

I am currently using the 8.0.3 release.
After upgrading from 8.0.2, when I instance an Alarm Status Table component, the following error comes up:

Furthermore, after a tag provider restart, the following warning appears:

What do they mean?


The error simply means that the Alarm Status Table component is unable to retrieve the paths of shelved alarms on a remote gateway, specifically due to an Ignition version mismatch with the remote system. Is it safe to assume the 8.0.3 gateway is making use of a Remote Tag Provider? Regardless, it should be a mostly harmless error, unless you’re trying to shelve the alarms in that remote tag provider.

As for the warning, it looks like there are some bound alarm properties on the tag mentioned that couldn’t compile, possibly due to syntax reasons. In the alarm listed in the image, were there any alarm properties containing expressions of some sort?

tags.json (3.4 KB)

Dear Paul,
yes, there are some bound alarm properties on the tag. I attach the udt involved: I do not view strange bindings, but you could find the error.

Thank you.

Two things.

First, the warning message suggested changing the logging level to DEBUG. If you haven’t done so before, you can click the “Settings” icon (image ) and search for the logger, which would give you more information. Doing so would show you several instances (on different properties and alarms) of the following:

Execution	11Sep2019 08:37:12	(prov:NewProvider:/tag:New Instance/Data:/alm:AlarmLOW) Error compiling bound property 'ackMode', with value '[.]Data.WarningAck'.
java.lang.RuntimeException: Syntax Error on Token: 'LEFT BRACKET' (Line 1 , Char 1)
at com.inductiveautomation.ignition.common.expressions.parsing.ELLexer.errMsg(ELLexer.java:314)
at com.inductiveautomation.ignition.common.expressions.parsing.ELLexer.errMsg(ELLexer.java:310)
at com.inductiveautomation.ignition.common.expressions.parsing.ELParser.report_error(ELParser.java:408)
at com.inductiveautomation.ignition.common.expressions.parsing.ELParser.syntax_error(ELParser.java:404)

So it looks like you have an Expression the system can’t parse (more than one, in this case).

Secondly, I looked at the tag export you sent, and I’m seeing several instances of this:

[.]Data.AlarmAck is not a valid expression. Strings either need quotation marks wrapped around the entry (making it a string literal, which you DON’T want in this case), or curly brackets (making it a reference/binding to something else, which you DO want).

The expression on the Active Delay and Ack Mode alarm properties should be {[.]Data.AlarmDelay} and {[.]Data.AlarmAck, respectively

It works, thank you very much!


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