Error authenticating

So I’ve created the Roles that I need on the Gateway and I do see the login prompt now when I access the page I’m after. However when I click the “Continue to sign in” button I receive this error in the browser:

Problem accessing /data/oidc/auth. Reason:

Bad client_id

Hi @kevin.deyoung -

Which version of Ignition are you running?

Could you copy and paste the full URL of the page which shows the 400 error message? I am interested in seeing the query params of the request URL.

Are you sure that is the correct URL?

The 400 error mentions there was a problem accessing /data/oidc/auth which does not seem to line up with the full URL you shared…

I’m looking for the full URL that is shown in the browser when the 400 error page is displayed.

That looks like the URL I was looking for, thanks.
Which version of Ignition are you running?


I believe what is happening is: your Perspective Project is pointing to an Ignition IdP you configured in the Gateway config page and your Ignition IdP is pointing to a User Source Profile which no longer exists. Try changing the user source profile in the Ignition IdP settings in the Gateway config page and then try logging in again

Thanks a bunch. You put me on the right track and I was able to resolve it. At some point the the User Source for the for my Identity Provider got wiped. All seems to be good now.