Error backup Ignition : Saving UDT tags changes java.lang.StackOverflowError & Expression Tags does not work

I made a project using Ignition 7.9.17 on my computer.
At the end, I made a backup and I tried to restore it on another gateway 7.9.17 installed on the customer computer.
After opening Designer and traying to save a UDT tags changes, I got error displayed in the attached photo.
Also, I noticed that all Expression type tags not work and their quality was Unkown in the new gateway however they work correctly in the first gateway on my computer.
So, I had the idea to create a new Scan Class for the Expression tags identical to the Default Scan Class and there the Expression tags worked again.

How can I fix his !!!

You should really contact support for this. The first thing they’re going to ask for are logs from the designer and the gateway, which should identify what the StackOverflowError that’s being thrown is.