Error box attaching to popup keyboard / numeric entry pad

We have been seeing an issue for a while now. It seems like the issue started in version 7.6.x and still persists into version 7.7.x. Basically, if an error box or warning box is visible on the screen, and either a numeric keypad or popup keyboard are initiated, the error box will become attached to the keypad. Then, every time the keypad/keyboard is initiated, the error box will display again. (Even if there is no actual error) This will persist until the client is logged out and the project is closed.


Technically, the error doesn’t exist anymore so that isn’t the issue. The issue is that it severely confuses operators and we continuously receive support calls for it.

Current Ignition versions:
7.6.6 - Java 7u55
7.6.6 - Java 7u72
7.7.2 - Java 8u25
7.7.1 - Java 8u31

I have seen the problem on the following client Java versions:
Java 7u45
Java 6u35
Java 6u85
Java 8u45

Please let me know if you need any more information.

Any thoughts or suggestions? Issue still persists.

I would give Tech Support a call. I am sure are there are some logs that they are going to have to look at.