Error building Perspective component example

Running gradlew.bat from IntelliJ fails with the error “No such host is known (nexus.ia.local)”.

As a shot in the dark, I changed the maven repositories URLs in the main build.gradle file to “”.

Attempting to build this fails with a different error, “Could not find any matches for com.inductiveautomation.ignitionsdk:module-signer:1.0.+”.

Please advise.

Build1.txt (1.1 KB)
Build2.txt (1.8 KB)

Hi wbohn,

Sorry about that! You should be able to resolve the module-signer dependency if you add the releases repo (as you attempted), as well as the snapshot repo:

Alternatively, it should work if you clone and execute mvn install in its root directory (if you have maven installed on your machine), as that is the dependency that it’s failing to resolve.

Feel free to submit a pull request if this fixes the issue and you’re looking to get some github activity points. Otherwise, we’ll get the changes in there soon. I believe we have some more updates planned for the perspective component in the near future due to API changes pending in 8.0.1, so keep an eye out for that over the next week or two as well.

Sorry again, and thanks for reporting this!


I am seeing a different error as shown in attached text.buildError.txt (2.9 KB)
Am I using correct dependencies ? This is the content from designer build.gradle file -

plugins {
    id "java"
sourceCompatibility = JavaVersion.VERSION_11
targetCompatibility = JavaVersion.VERSION_11
dependencies {

Please advise

We pushed an update to the example that should resolve your issue. I believe you are missing the thirdparty repository:

maven { url "" }

If you pull the changes from the updated example, it should resolve your issue.

Thanks a lot. It is working now.