[Error Code]Ignition OPC UA Client module


I have a question regarding error code of Ignition OPC UA Client module.
When I connect to my OPC UA Server after I put the Ignition OPC UA Certificate in the Trusted List of my Server everything is fine.
If I put this certificate in the Revoked List, Ignition OPC UA Client module keep trying to connect even if my Server send a BadCertificateInvalid error and the max attempt is set to 5 without failover.

When I look into the Status of OPC Connection I have :

Error: show details
Could not open secure channel to opc.tcp://[/quote]

When I do the same operation with other OPC UA Clients : UA Expert, KEPServerEx, I have the good BadCertificateInvalid, and those clients stop trying to connect.

I think for user it might be confusing to get only an status saying the open secure channel can’t be open…