Error con modulo reporting

Hola buenas tardes, como soluciono este error que me arroja el modulo reporting al poner un grafico.


If you can please post the full error message, and some more detail on what you are trying to do, we may be able to help.

Estimado muchas gracias, estoy creando un reporte y con lo siguientes gráficos me arroja error, Timeseries chart, XY chart, Bar Chart.

In the gateway logs, there should be a more complete error report, with backtrace, showing more precisely where in IA’s code this is happening. That may allow IA to determine if this is a bug.

To me, it looks like an Ignition bug. Ignition v8.0 is End-of-life and will not get any more bug fixes. If this is a known bug, IA may be able to tell you if it is fixed in a newer version.

Muchas gracias, en el Gateway no veo errores mas que este, además consultar la actualización de Ignition seria gratis?

Please post the whole error text (as text, not a screenshot). After pasting into the forum, highlight all of that text and click the “Preformatted text” button in the editor. That will make the pasted error easy to read.

It does look like a bug, though. Consider upgrading your SQL Server JDBC driver.

Ignition major version upgrades (like 8.0 => 8.1) are only free if your support contract with IA is up to date for your server’s license. Otherwise you must pay a re-instatement fee. See also this discussion of IA’s Long-Term-Supported version policies: