Error connecting Ignition OPC UA server with Apriso MES

I have configured Ignition as a OPC UA server with valid Endpoint URL.
I am able to browse in Ignition OPC quick client. After that, valid certificates are installed on both Ignition & Apriso server.
Issue is that we are not able to browse tags from Ignition endpoint URl however we can detect the URL in discovery. Here, certificates are trusted on both servers.
But my Ignition is running on Linux Ubunto 20 and Apriso MES is on Windows server 2012 R2.

Error Message : Could not connect to OPC server - an error occurred while verifying security. Either OPC UA server or client certificate may be revoked. Please review Rejected certificates store.
Server did not return a number of ServerEndpoints that matches the one from GetEndpoints.

Your client seems to reporting 2 different possible errors (certificates or the number of endpoints not matching), so it’s difficult to tell which one might be the actual problem.

Can you connect to Ignition with UaExpert from the same machine your client is on?

Can you get a Wireshark capture of the connection attempt?

Hello Kevin,
appriciate your quick response on the this issue.
I got bad certificate prompt in UA expert tool. but when i clicked on trust certificate option i was able to browse the tags.
but when i checked Trust certificate on Apriso MES, i am getting an error…
That error messaged i mentioned in the ticket. We even tried changing the endpoint URL by removing “Discovery” fro last, but no luck there.
Caould you please what could be the issue… Is Ignition compatible to communicate with Apriso MES ?
or this could be because of Linux OS ?
Please suggest.

OPC-UA is platform independent, so it can’t be a problem of Linux.

The only thing Linux can have an effect on is the DNS of the local network. So perhaps you need to connect over ip address instead of hostname, or configure Linux so it works with the local DNS. But if you can ping that machine, it won’t be related to your issue.

We did have certificate issues with other applications in the past, and after using UaExpert, we were able to connect with other applications too (the certificates were shared). Did you try to remove all settings in Apriso related to Ignition, and add it again (with all default settings)?

Were you ever able to resolve this? If so, what was your solution? We are having basically the same issue

were you able to resolve this? Could you tell us what was the solution.