Error connection between Azure Cloud Ignition server and Mitsubishi PLC

Error connection between Azure Cloud Ignition server and Mitsubishi PLC. Via Mitsubishi TCP driver.
Is there anyway to do troubleshooting to find root cause of this issue?
Server able to ping PLC normally.

It is likely a firewall issue in your VPN. But even with that fixed, you should know that native PLC protocols have horrible performance across WANs--they are crushed by a WAN's high latency (ping time). You should put Ignition (perhaps Ignition Edge) in the same facility as the PLC, and forward the data with Sync Services, OPC UA, or MQTT.


Will work with Azure team about Firewall first. Seem another test with Python/Kepware TCP port connection also having issue.
Local Ignition Edge is an option as it's require more cost.
Another driver such as AB PLC/Modbus/TCP working normal on Azure.
So, Not famous to running Ignition gateway on cloud without plant middle software?

No, they aren't normal. Those protocols usually work with single digit millisecond response times on a LAN. Add a WAN's round-trip time, and those protocols suffer a huge cut in capacity.

I mean in the same server. AB PLC/Modbus/TCP have good connection now.
But this server now having issue only with Mitsubishi TCP.

Different ports. :man_shrugging:

Related team don't see ports blocking and even i tried to allow ports on server firewall but still same issue.
Now Cloud team's trying to find some policy block on cloud side.