Error creating activation request - cannot get system ID

I am having an issue which seems minor enough, however, it stops me to use Ignition completely… Please advise what I can do.

When I try to activate my Ignition 7.6.2 (b2368) 64-bit on CentOS, using my CD Key, I get the error message “Activation Error Details: Error creating ActivationRequest”. The server has no Internet access, I need to do offline activation.

In the wrapper.log I see errors like:
INFO [SystemInfo ] [14:06:03,610]:“linux”, os.arch=“i386”.
INFO [SystemInfo ] [14:06:03,610]: Validating native library “ignition-x86”…
WARN [SystemInfo ] [14:06:03,610]: Could not validate native library.
INFO [SystemInfo ] [14:06:03,611]: Native library “ignition-x86” could not be loaded, will try another if available
ERROR [EnterCDKeyPage ] [14:06:03,611]: Error creating ActivationRequest.
java.lang.Exception: Native library was not successfully loaded, cannot get system ID.

I cannot find a file on the server with the name ignition-x86, also looks strange since this is a 64-bit system…

A re-install did not fix the problem.


I think I found the problem… It seems that I only have 32-bit Java VM installed on the server. So I have CentOS 64 bit, Java 32 bit and Ignition 64 bit, which does not seem to be the perfect combination.
I need to get back to the server administrator and get 64-bit Java installed, then will try again.

I would be happy to see a confirmation that I am going to the right direction…

You’re on the right track. The 64-bit Ignition binaries need 64-bit Java.