"Error creating resourceNode: %s" every ten seconds

In my log viewer, I have suddenly started getting these ProjectFileTreeErrors: “Error creating resourceNode: %s”. They come up exactly every ten seconds and are just flooding my logs. I have no idea what’s causing this and don’t want to just hide it because it’s an Error and something might legitimately be wrong.


Any ideas as to what could be causing this to happen?

We’re tracking this behavior internally, but typically it indicates that an empty resource.json file (0 KB) exists for the associated project resource. Do you see any empty resource files within \data\projects\?

It might be best reaching out to Support so that they can look at your system directly.

Ah okay.

I’ve run into this with views showing up as folders because that resource.json file got replaced with all NUL characters. I’ve solved the issue by just copying over a resource.json from another view.

I can go through and search for empty files, thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

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Yes, can confirm that this was the issue.

One of my Named Queries had a broken resource.json.

Thanks again for the help!