Error_CycleDetected help on an if expression

I am trying to allow users the ability to “Select all that apply” and trying to convert this into a string for SQL insert using an if Expression on a text box in perspective. I have multiple Select boxes on the screen and would like the users to select everything that would be a keyword they want attached as a way to have a curated list with some flexibility on selection. In the text area, I’ve started working with a nested if statement on the text binding on the text area itself. I’m getting an error titled “Data Quality : Error_CycleDetected” and I’m not sure what that means. Any smart people able to help this dumb guy out?


Script I’m using:


Thanks in advance guys/gals!

It looks like you’ve created a circular reference on the text property by binding it to itself. You can build the string by binding it to something like this:

if({../Checkbox.props.selected}, {../Checkbox.props.text}+',', '') +
if({../Checkbox_0.props.selected}, {../Checkbox_0.props.text}+',', '') +
if({../Checkbox_1.props.selected}, {../Checkbox_1.props.text}+',', '') +
if({../Checkbox_2.props.selected}, {../Checkbox_2.props.text}+',', '') +
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My man! Thank you kindly! I appreciate the help!