Error_DatabaseQuery intermittently happening on my tags

This is what my project looks like, on occasion. We recently upgraded from Ignition 7.9 to 8.0, and I moved the individual project from its own project to a "Master" project by copying and pasting the existing screens, exporting the tags and reimporting them, and copying the named queries over. The data is organized as such: It's on a sql server, in the form of a function. I use several named queries in Ignition to each grab one part from the return table of my function. I then use client tags to store the results of those named queries,and incorporate them into my screen using expression scripting on the components. I've checked the connection to the tags and named queries, and everything seems to be "plugged in" correctly and running the functions on Microsoft SQL Server Management doesn't seem to return any errors. The issue appears to be on the tags, they give me a "Error_DatabaseQuery" error. However, double clicking the involved tags when they have the error seems to resolve it, or at least remove the "Error_DatabaseQuery" error and replace it with "null" values. Does anyone know what might be causing these intermittent outages, or how I can fix it? Is it a structural thing? I have created folders for my client tags and nested them in there, and done the same with my Named Queries.

Any help or suggestions are appreciated, thank you!

I would look at your Gateway logs for more information. There are several conditions that will cause this error to appear on tags.