Error deleting device

Hi I have this message
“More than one record in result set (2) [SQuery [SRecM DeviceRecord]]
See log for details.”
when I try to delete a device.

Can you help me?


That was a bug we had in an earlier version. I would recommend upgrading to the lastest. However, right now you can delete the duplicate device in the raw settings viewer. So, log into the Ignition Gateway configuration page and select Console under System. Once there select the Advacned tab and click Raw Settings Viewer.

First find the id of the device: SELECT * FROM DEVICESNext you can perform the following two queries:DELETE FROM DRIVERPROPERTIES WHERE DEVICEID = ? DELETE FROM DEVICES WHERE DEVICE_ID = ? Once you do those queries you need to restart Ignition in order for it to take affect. Let me know if you have any other questions or run into any problems.

Hi, Travis.

Where is this in the new version of Ignition? I would really like to know

On the downloads page:

No, I’m sorry.
I ment where is the Raw Settings Viewer in the new version of Ignition.

Oh I see. Yeah it is a little hidden. Go the following page in the Gateway Configuration section:


Thanks a lot !!!