Error deleting partition

Hi All,

I keep getting all these errors in the System Console as shown here:
[attachment=0]Trend Errors.jpg[/attachment]

The partitions don’t exist!
Is there any way I can stop these messages appearing? They are clogging up the Error Log.


Try restarting the Tag Historian Module, and then the Gateway. If you’re still having issues, try removing the references to those partitions from the sqlth_partitions table, then restarting the Tag Historian module (and the Gateway as well, if you’re still having issues).

Thanks Paul,

Deleting the records from the sqlth_partitions table that didn’t have matching tables did the trick.

I have the same issue. Deleted the tables as suggested in sqlth_partitions and restarted the Tag historian module, but then the gateway re-created both entries.

I guess it did do the trick. Those tables have now been created and no more errors.