Error deserialization property resource in 7.9.0-rc1

I upgrade a 7.8.4 application to 7.9.0-rc1 (ticket #36827)

When restoring the backup or a project export from the gateway page, when I open the project into the designer I don’t have the Windows And Template in the project Browser !!! No Root for Windows And Template

I delete the projet recreate a blank amnd make a project import from the designer.
Windows and template are well imported, but I have the following error.
See Attached screenshot.

When I open the project properties windows and select the Client / user interface Topic, I have a error message “Error deserialization property resource”
See Attached screenshot. Seem to be the same message…

[attachment=0]bug_import projet.txt[/attachment]



Thanks, that’s very helpful. I’ve made a ticket for it – I’m tied up today with ICC, but I’ll ping someone to look at it.

Hi mazeyrat,

Are you running any 3rd party modules on the 7.8.4 project?

Yes, 2 modules we have developed (Audit Log Splitter (from IA) and Snmp Driver)

Those tables are ok inside internal DB after upgrading to 7.9.0-rc1

Thanks for the follow up. We’re a bit busy with ICC this week, but we’re looking into what’s going on and will update when we know more.

Think we found the problem –

Part of the changes to support multi-monitor support altered a class that is used in the ui properties. If you have non-default ui properties, it looks like we are erroring when we try to deserialize the project resource they were stored in.

The workaround for now would be to:

  1. Make a backup.
  2. Write down or take a screenshot of the ui property configuration in your project
  3. Find the ui.props resource for the project you are seeing the errors in (likely all projects with non-default ui settings, so get the settings for them all if you want to put them back later)
    select * from project_resources where resourcetype = "ui.props" 
  4. Delete the ui.props project resource(s) from the internal database (a new resource will be created when you reapply your settings in 7.9).
  5. upgrade
  6. Launch a designer and apply your settings.

We’ll get this fixed, but the above workaround should be pretty quick and easy. If you want to delete the resources in 7.9, the new internal db utility can be accessed at localhost:8088/main/web/status/sys.internaldb (change url/port as needed)

[color=#4080FF]edit:[/color] just for clarity, when I say “ui props”, I am speaking specifically of the User Interface project properties that you change in the Client Interface window shown in the post. This is not an issue that applies to other project resources.

This is fixed for 7.9.0-RC2

7.9.0-RC2 will be released soon ???

Looks like rc2 just posted: