Error deserializing data from data store


Does anyone have experienced anything similar?
It seems to be related to store and forward or alarm journaling
Where should I look for leads?

You have data from an old version ‘quarantined’ in your store and forward cache. The related class doesn’t exist in the current version of the gateway you’re on. Your options are to roll back to a prior version to restore this data, or delete it from the quarantine.

Thought it would be related to this and retried all of the quarantine files and once they still did not comply I deleted them. Currently my store and forward status page looks like this:

But I am still getting the same amount of the same error in the logs.

Hm, what’s the pending count? It’s possible the deserialization error isn’t being caught, so the records aren’t actually making it into quarantine. I’d recommend taking this to support so that they can investigate further, but if you just want to make these errors go away (and don’t care about a brief hiccup in your records), you can delete the entire store and forward cache so it’s recreated from scratch.

You would need to:

  1. Disable the disk cache for whatever datasource this is, in the store and forward settings on the gateway.
  2. Go to ${ignitionInstallDirectory}/data/datacache/${yourDatabaseName}/, and either delete, or rename the entire folder. Store and forward is backed by HSQL, which is a filesystem-based DB that resides in a folder rather than a single file.
  3. Re-enable the disk cache for your datasource. A new folder should be automatically recreated.
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That solved the issue, thank you!

Just had this happen on a 7.9.13 > 8.0.13 upgrade. Followed the instructions @PGriffith and fixed it.

I had the same thing going on after duplicating a project. I think it temporarily created another store and forward file that was no longer valid or something. Think it was causing my whole system to slow down with all the errors going every second. Deleting the cache fixed mine as well. Thanks @PGriffith!