Error during legacy project upgrade

I got the following errors for one of my projects during the ignition upgrade.

Could you PM me the backup file?

Back-up file is 71M. There is no upload link for PM on this forum. How would you like it sent?

We haven’t gotten our “large-file upload” page going yet - can you use something like to email it to

Ok you should have it. The problems are the Mixer_Daq and Overview. I think I mis-stated on the e-mail.

Yep - we got it, thanks. I will take a look at this on Monday morning.

Just an update - Fixed the issue that was blocking your legacy import, but it brought to light another issue with custom palettes that we’re currently working through.

Thanks Carl,
Let me know when you get this ironed out. I’m at a standstill until I can get that project uploaded.

The issue has been fixed, we should be able to get an update out today.