Error During Retrieval of Clipboard Data Error Message

I have no idea how this issue started. Whenever I am in the designer and click ANYWHERE. An error popup comes up saying Error during retrieval of clipboard data....the only quick fix is clicking a component and then copying that object. However that is just a bandaid...Does anyone know how this issue comes up and how to fix the underlying issue? Thanks!


Not sure, but out of curiosity, which module are you designing in? Does is happen in other modules or is it module specific. Example: It happens in Perspective but not in Vision.

My intuition for this problem would be to try a different keyboard or mouse, in case there is a sticky key or something that is triggering the unexpected behavior.

I have experienced this issue with a particular customer's installation when accessing remotely, as their remote access client had the clipboard disabled. Even after re-enabling the clipboard the errors wouldn't go away. I now just leave the error window open in the background and let the errors accumulate.

I'm getting this as well through an RDP that likes to limit my efficiency by blocking the clipboard :confused: meaning I can't easily use my dev tools. Funnily enough though, they allow connecting local drives into the RDP session :man_shrugging:

Anybody have a stack trace and/or support ticket going for this already? Vision does some stuff where it repeatedly checks the clipboard for pasteable stuff - that's likely the root cause here and if we can handle the OS rejecting that clipboard access more gracefully (and with a better user experience) we definitely should be.

FYI this was resolved. The remote desktop session I was using has a clipboard. It had a script of some sort on it. Whenever I opened a designer session, I guess it was trying to access that script on the clipboard, but it didn't like it for whatever reason and errored out.

Could be that there's something still on the clipboard? Odd error still shows even when it's disabled.

I put in a support ticket a while back and the team were not able to resolve it

It happens using teamviewer as the remote host as well. The easist solution is just to find something else in the designer and click copy, that way the current clipboard contents will change and the error should go away.


It happened to me too and you can even copy anything else on the computer, and the error disappears :slight_smile:

Just encountering this with 8.1.42. Using MS RDP client to RDP to Win 10 Pro 22H2.

I' working on project in Ignition 8.1.42.
Due to the VPN blocking internet traffic, I open Designer on a VM (HyperV, Ubuntu).
This error makes the work very tedious.
Is there anything you can do to get around this?

Until IA pin-points and patches the cause, the only work-around would be to use a better VPN, one that lets your local workstation run the designer itself, without an intervening RDP session that screws with the clipboard.