Error email notification

Hello, I am trying to set up alarm email notification but I have this error and I can not fix it.
I enclose picture of the error that I get
logs.bin.gz (498 KB)

Did you supply the correct user name and password when you set up your email notification profile in the Gateway? This error typically comes from a bad user name or password.

I checked, and username and password are correct

Your best bet will be to contact our tech support, because getting the right configuration to make your SMTP server happy can be tricky. Before calling them, go to the Gateway and turn on debug mode (Configure -> Alarming -> Notification -> Advanced Properties)

In the mean time, you might try one of the following:

  • Turning on SSL (and using the correct port for SSL)
  • Not authenticating
  • If this is an Exchange server, users of a number of apps have reported that the first solution listed here works. Tech support can walk you through how to add JVM startup arguments to your gateway if you need help.

It doesn’t work.
attack debug file